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MAVEN's SAVR Program Leaves Virginia Communities with Spheres of Protection

Updated: May 24, 2021

Early November, 2020 – Benjamin Wells, Chief Executive Officer of MAVEN Security Technologies (MST) presented its SAVR program, powered by Synexis, to the Sheriff of Colonial Heights, VA to identify a reliable solution to ensure business continuity and environmental safety for various departments in the city and the public. During the presentation, MST was able to demonstrate how the SAVR program will exceed the performance of previously reviewed solutions, such as ultraviolet lights, Bipolar Ionization, and a few others because it is scientifically safe, reliable, and easy to implement. In addition, Mr. Wells was able to validate how the SAVR technology is the best and most economical solution for the Police Department's needs initially identified by the Sheriff throughout the presentation by providing valuable data around the science and the effectiveness of microbial reduction in the air and on surfaces through the use of dry hydrogen peroxide. The Sheriff was extremely impressed with the capabilities of SAVR. As a result of the initial presentation, a follow-up meeting was facilitated to include additional leadership in the City of Colonial Heights and other local municipalities which yielded a widespread implementation and ensuing deployment of the SAVR program.

To date, the SAVR solution is currently deployed in multiple departments throughout the City of Colonial Heights including the Courthouse, Jail, Fire Department, Senior Center, Police Department, City Hall, and Recreations & Parks.

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