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Whether we're talking about space occupancy or ensuring your property is protected we have the perfect real -time sensors to ensure you're protected.


Protect Your Assets with Confidence:

Prevent Theft: Safeguard valuable assets by monitoring their location and receiving instant alerts if they are moved without authorization.

Ensure Cargo Security: Track and secure high-value cargo during transit to ensure it stays on its intended route.


Detect Water Leaks Early:

Don't let water leaks cause extensive damage and financial burden.


  • Our sensor technology provides:

  • Ultra-sensitive detection of even the smallest traces of water.

  • Continuous monitoring of vulnerable zones.

  • Immediate alerts to enable prompt action


Monitor Equipment Condition:

Avoid costly downtimes and equipment failures with MAVEN's sensor technology, which offers the following:

  • Proactive health checks for machinery.

  • Insights and data indicating when maintenance is needed.

  • Extended equipment longevity.


Efficient Visitor Management:

Track visitors in real-time to ensure they stay in designated zones in secure facilities.

Receive instant alerts for unauthorized access attempts.


Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)

Maximize operational efficiency and safety with our RTLS offers:

Pinpoint accuracy for real-time tracking.

Seamless integration with various devices for easy monitoring.

A comprehensive view of your entire facility.

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Discover the limitless possibilities of MAVEN Security Technologies' RTLS solutions.
Contact us today for a transformative experience that enhances your business operations and security.


Tiny wireless sensors that fit anywhere. Low maintenance cost thanks to 15-year battery life. Robust, IP67 rated. 24/7 system monitoring, and accurate, reliable data. The lowest cost per insight on the market. End-to-end encrypted from the sensors to the Cloud.

Security Solutions 
to prevent Threats.


Access Control

Secure Intelligent
Access System

The solution to your key woes is at hand! The Secure Intelligent Access System (SIAS) will provide controlled, easy and affordable locking mechanism for industry doors you need. With one electronic key that can open any lock in sight—retrofitted with a smart core and programmed, you no longer have to carry multiple keys; just sync it up from anywhere. Maintain complete access control against unauthorized entry.

Intelligent Threat Detection

Threat Reduction System and Services
SAFETY  icon.png

The United States Military has been using intelligent detection to pinpoint where threats are on people, as well telling you what direction they're traveling and how big of weapons the suspect might be concealing! TRSS provides instant alerts to your smart device - all without wasting any valuable time or money sending extra guards around while everyone else gets screened first. Early detection is key with this revolutionary TRSS Solutions, simply put, saves lives.

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MAVEN understands the uniqueness and challenges of our multi-vendor environment.
They are professional and have delivered excellent responsive customer service, working with our team to anticipate all needs.
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