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MAVEN Security Technologies is rapidly becoming one of the nation’s leading security companies, providing businesses the peace of mind they deserve. We provide our clients with cutting edge solutions to ensure the safety of their organizations by mitigating physical and technogolical threats continuously.

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Intelligent Threat Detection
Threat Reduction System and Services
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The United States Military has been using intelligent detection to pinpoint where threats are on people, as well telling you what direction they're traveling and how big of weapons the suspect might be concealing! TRSS provides instant alerts to your smart device - all without wasting any valuable time or money sending extra guards around while everyone else gets screened first. Early detection is key with this revolutionary TRSS Solutions, simply put, saves lives.

Access Control
Secure Intelligent
Access System
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The solution to your key woes is at hand! The Secure Intelligent Access System (SIAS) will provide controlled, easy and affordable locking mechanism for industry doors you need. With one electronic key that can open any lock in sight—retrofitted with a smart core and programmed, you no longer have to carry multiple keys; just sync it up from anywhere. Maintain complete access control against unauthorized entry.

Security Solutions
at your fingertips. 
No need to panic in time of crisis,

we've got you covered.
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Within large multi-purpose buildings, facilities managers are faced with the daunting challenge of protecting the individuals and assets within their environment. At MAVEN, we pride ourselves in being experts in the security industry, by selecting MAVEN, facility managers are able to mitigate risk, address vulnerabilities and enhance security that will ultimately protect the individuals and assets within their establishment. 

Security and Vulnerability Assessments (Commercial and Industrial)
Security and Life Safety in the Workplace Training
Security Policy/Programs Development
Investigations (Workplace and Personal)
Security Consulting
Due Diligence Investigations
Workplace Violence Mitigation Training
Travel Security Training


City of Petersburg, Petersburg Virginia 

City of Colonial Heights, Colonial Heights Virginia 

King George County Social Services, King George Virginia 

The Community Partnership, Washington, DC 

DC Human Services, Washington, DC  

Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC 

Prince Georges County Government, Prince Georges County Maryland

Prince George County, Virginia

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